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How do you sell a house under a court’s orders, considering local rules, laws, transaction compliance, correct pricing, keeping buyers engaged through closing, & ensuring everything is done right?

What defines, for consumers, what constitutes an expert in court-ordered real estate sales?

We Asked A.I. this question and the response will surprise you!

How a probate real estate agent can help you

A skilled probate real estate agent can help you get maximum profits while protecting your rights as an heir and preserving the interests of the decedent. Because California probate code is so complex, and because it contains specific instructions for sellers (as well as buyers), it’s important that you.

What You Need to Know

The trustee remains in control of the assets until he or she dies. When that happens, the successor steps up and takes control. The new trustee can divide the assets in the trust among beneficiaries or retain control, keeping the assets in the trust as long as he or she wishes.

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